We know that we have a responsibility to make an impact in our world, both near and far.
Check out some organizations that we partner with to make a change.


The Madagascar School Project Inc. is a Canadian registered charity founded in 2007 and committed to helping Malagasy communities develop and maintain their own schools.

Madagascar school project

Little By Little

Little by Little started with a desire to create a sustainable solution to the poverty that engulfs the Haitian people.  Little by Little employs parents of children who are at risk of relinquishing their rights to local orphanages as a means of keeping families together. This is what we call Orphan Prevention. This is how we are keeping families together.

Owen Sound Crisis Pregnancy Centre is a inter-denominational group of Christian volunteers providing  unconditional love, peer-counsel, care and support to women and their families  who are facing an unplanned or un-wanted pregnancy. The Centre offers a wide variety of services, all entirely confidential  and free of charge.

Owen Sound Crisis Pregnancy Centre